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Body Massage Services

Health is movement. It is unimpeded circulation, unimpaired nerve transmission and free range of motion of muscles and joints. Further, it is a sense of strength, flexibility and flow within yourself. Your body is a complete unit.

Our qualified Massage therapists work hard to help you unwind and enjoy being pampered beyond your highest expectations. Our Spa is luxurious, extremely private and a destination in its own right, allowing you to truly escape the pressure of everyday life into a world of pampering and relaxation. From massage therapy to full day spa treatments including couples packages, we can cater for all your pampering needs.

Our goal is to make every massage whether the primary focus is therapuetic or relaxation be a wonderful and unforgettable experience.

De stress, relax, be invigorated with a Body and soul aromatherapy massage personally designed for you. After a brief consultation your therapist will be able to put their finger on the pulse of your need. Professional massage is unique in its ability to increase blood circulation to tired aching muscles and joints relieving tension and pain. Regular massage will not only give short term relief to aches and pains but also long term healing to not only the body but the soul as well.

Best Massage Services

We provide best quality massage services. Treat Yourself to a Truly Extraordinary Massage Experience.

Swedish Massage:

Swedish Massage refers to a variety of techniques specifically designed to relax muscles by applying pressure to them against deeper muscles and bones, and rubbing in the same direction as the flow of blood returning to the heart.

Hot Stone Massage:

Hot stones steeped in spicy aromatic oils are placed on key energy points of your body. The deep penetrating heat of the stones combined with massage releases muscular tension for a complete and relaxing experience. The heat of the volcanic basalt stones travels deep into the muscles stimulating warm relief and relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep Tissue massage is a massage technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. It aims to release the chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep finger pressure on the contracted areas, either following or going across the fibers of the muscles, tendons and fascia.

Trigger Point Massage:

Trigger point therapy is a bodywork technique that involves the applying of pressure to hypersensitive spots in the muscle or fascia ( a knot) in order to relieve pain and dysfunction in other parts of the body. The referral pattern may include pain, an ache, tingling, numbness, itching or other sensations.

Shiatsu Massage:

Treatment includes stretches, gentle manipulation of the joints, and soft but deep pressure on the meridians (energy channels that run along the body), mostly using the palms and thumbs, to release energy blockages and re-establish the optimal flow of vital energy/force. The intention of this holistic massage therapy is to bring out the natural self-healing ability that we all posses by nature.

Thai Massage:

Our Thai Massage therapists offer a range of quality massage, authentic Thai Massage treatment for both men and women. Our aim is to restore the body’s natural balance and well-being through skilled, therapeutic Thai Massage and Treatments.

Sports Massage:

Sports massage uses a variety of techniques that include range of motion, acupressure, and specific deep tissue manipulation, to maintain, rehabilitate enhance and relax soft muscle tissue. It is used to help athletes recover from competition, training and injuries.

Head Massage:

Our Head Massage Services is an emotionally uplifting treatment that concentrates on relieving upper body tension. We begin with an invigorating scalp massage that boosts circulation around the scalp. The strokes become softer and slower.

Ayurvedic Massage:

Ayurvedic treatment consultations are not just for those who suffer from a chronic illness or health concern, but also anyone who is keen to learn how Ayurveda can help them to achieve and maintain total wellbeing through doshic balance.

Acupressure Massage:

Acupressure massage is a branch of Chinese medicine, which looks at the underlying causes of pain and illness as well as the symptoms. Acupressure uses a wide range of massage techniques that can be applied either powerfully or gently for subtle energy work. Like other forms of massage it can be used preventatively, to encourage the movement of energy and blood.

Balinese Massage:

Balinese Massage Therapy is an alternative technique which involves locating pressure points along the Meridian Lines through kneading and manipulating soft tissue. This therapy helps prevent sports injuries, treat existing injuries, improve performance, reduce stress and free the body from toxins. Balinese Massage Therapy is a ‘hands on’ treatment using a combination of massage and stretching, which strengthens and releases the soft tissue (muscles, fascia and tendons) and increases the range of movement in joints.

Lomi Lomi Massage:

Lomi Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage technique that works gently, yet deeply into the muscles with continuous flowing strokes. Lomi Lomi will promote total relaxation, relieve stress and tension as well as improving blood and lymph flow to assist in the elimination of wastes and toxins.

Luxury Body Massage

We offer an extensive range of luxurious day massage services as well as traditional, royal panchakarma therapies from ancient India

Foot Massage:

The blood that circulates through the body is responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrition to the body’s cells. The blood also cleanses waste and toxins from the body. Because blood flow becomes limited when stress is present, foot massage can be beneficial as it decreases stress and allows the circulation of blood to flow unimpeded.

Our other main massage services at affordable price are Full Body Massage, Female to Male Body Massage, Male to Female Body Massage, Body to Body Massage, Body Massge by Female, Body Massage by Male, Body Massage at Hotel, Body Massage at Home and Body Massage at our Center or Parlour. Our massage therapists will carefully tailor each treatment to your individual body skin requirements. If you’re not sure which treatment is best for you, our therapists are on hand to recommend the perfect remedy.

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